Glassware – Apps for Google Glass™

We’re Glassware Pioneers devising Apps for Google Glass™, the radical new wearable device that is revolutionising the mobile market with incredible potential. We specialise in Glassware for brands, with a proven track record and skillset in streaming, medical, augmented reality, and geolocation apps.

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Droiders Chef


Banco Sabadell



We’ve developed assorted Glassware for blue chips such as Banco Sabadell and the newspaper El Mundo. Thanks to our streaming expertise for Google Glass, doctors and surgeons worldwide have broadcast operations and Master Classes through Google Glass.

Mobile Apps

Looking for a team of mobile app developers for iOS and Android?

We can help. Our skilled developers bring your ideas to life creating intuitive and easy to use apps that appeal to your target audience.

App Consultancy

Transforming ideas

At Droiders we strive to convert ambitious ideas into deliverables by balancing groundbreaking technology with viable implementations.

Cross platform

Need a cross-platform app, that serves smartphone, tablet, web, and even Google Glass users? We develop across the board and advise optimum solutions for each project.

Account Management

From the briefing stage until the app is delivered and marketed, we guide you throughout with devoted knowlegeable account managers who bridge the gap between tech and business needs.

Best in class

Our teams excel in mobile development. From a solid brief, we produce outstanding apps that ignite interest from the outset - performing apps for demanding users.

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We craft apps for intuitive, attractive and efficient experiences. We design to your business needs and serve your user aiming for mutual delight.

Inbound success

We build appealing apps with Inbound marketing in mind including ratings and social integrations for popular apps to stoke your marketing success.