Portfolio - Enjoystr

Enjoystr is a secure messaging application, a fortified instant messaging app to protect the privacy all messages and attachments sent thanks to latest generation technology (the app uses SSL and https).


The app is devised for iOS and Android, following the design cues of Holo and is available for iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles and tablets.

-The Safe Messenger

It’s main features allow the user a set of useful functions that permit total control over:

  • Password set messages and conversations, ensuring only those in possession can read the content.
  • The option to delete and wipe messages, not just on your mobile, but on the recipients, even after having sent them. That way you’ve sent something you regret, you can wipe it on both devices.
  • Set an expiry time per message after which they self destruct. It can be after having been read once, after a certain amount of times or after a certain amount of time has elapsed since they were opened.
  • Furthermore Enjoystr guarantees that nothing leaks out of the app. The app forbids screen captures and no archived messages can be downloaded by USB. Each message is encrypted on the sender’s mobile and is only unencrypted on the recipient’s deveice.