Pioneering Surgery for Medical Education Through Google Glass Next Tuesday

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Droiders works once again with Dr. Pedro Guillén and the Cemtro Clinic on a pioneer surgery project through Google Glass, in collaboration with Google and Telefónica. The Google Glass event is an interactive master class where, for the first time in History, Google Glass will be used for tele-education, with active participation from its audience.

Hospitals and universities will be able to learn, for the first time, two pioneer techniques through Glass, watching the first person perspective of Dr. Guillén while he is performing them. The surgery procedures are autologous chondrocyte implant and wireless arthroscopy . They will be streamed via Google Glass thanks to Glassters Streamer, the streaming system for Google Glass developed by Droiders.

Dr. Guillén will offer this class live to 300 hospitals and universities around the world with the active participation from the audience. Two prestigious surgeons from EEUU and Europe will connect with him live through Google Hangouts to offer their input and comment during the surgery´s development. To participate as medical professionals or students in this event, please contact the Cemtro Clinic Thanks to Telefónica, the 300 terminals from these hospitals and universities will be able to receive the video signal in HD, with three different screens showing three video transmissions: the one from Google Glass, one from inside the knee recorded with the wireless arthroscopy, and another recording a different perspective of this surgery.

To everyone else interested, this event will be streamed here, on the Droiders website, live this Tuesday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. (CEST). .

Dr. Guillén performing a surgery with our Google Glass.
Dr. Guillén performing a surgery with our Google Glass.