Nexus One vs. XPERIA X10

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We compare the two phones so you can decide which you like better. Leave your opinion.

Let’s compare the Nexus One and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10.

The first one is already in the U.S. market and, as the X10, will arrive in Europe soon. Here you are the most outstanding similarities and differences between them:

At first glance its size:
Nexus  119 x 59,8 x 11,5 mm.
XPERIA  119 x 63 x 13 mm.

It is evident that the difference of just over 3mm., at the width of the screen, makes the X10 screen notably higher.

As far as aesthetics concerns, I think it’s a subjective matter enough to everyone to have their own opinion. Let’s talk about the technology then:

XPERIA comes by Sony Ericsson, a manufacturer with recognized experience in manufacturing mobile while, for the Nexus One, Google has bet for HTC (just as it did when it launched the G1) a younger producer, but which’s sticking strongly.

We can highlight the Nexus rounded shapes of both the edges, like the corners and generally we can say that It remind us a bit the iPhone.
XPERIA highlight is the back in Teflon which gives it a very nice touch and nothing slippery.

None of the two terminals has physical keyboard, so in that sense there will be supporters and detractors, but I won’t be the one to be positioned in that respect, both phones work in a very similar way.

Although I can say that the X10 features 6 physical buttons. On the front: home, return and options above, above the phone: the on / off and in the side: camera and volume / zoom. The Nexus only shows 3; above: the on / off, on the font: an small ball on that helps us moving through the screen and on the side: a button of the volume modulator.

Image quality:
Nexus has OLED display and XPERIA LCD. The second has to its credit the largest screen size, but both have the same problem: low visibility in sunlight.

None has Multi Touch, although it is rumored that Nexus will have it active when it launches in Europe.

Both share a processor, 1GHz Snapdragon Qualcoom and related to memory (which also influences the performance) there is a difference of 512 MB Ram in Nexus compared to 256 MG Ram in X10, but if we speak of internal storage memory: the X10 has 1GB compared to 512MB of Nexus and not forget, at the moment, applications can not be installed on the Mini SD card.
Speaking of which, Nexus can take cards up to 32GB while XPERIA only supports 16 GB.

Both phones have GPS, bluetooth, WiFi … Identical connectivity.

Related to the camera:

The X10 has no competence and won’t have for some time. It has a 8.1 Mpx camera, both have Led flash and the advantage of Nexus is that, although only has 5 Mpx., can record in DVD quality.

On the software side, the two have Android as operating system, although in two different versions. By the time the Nexus takes the cake with version 2.1 while the XPERIA use the 1.6 perhaps It will be updated at its launch.

Coming to the end, I would like you to remember that I’ve just tell about the differences and similarities between the Nexus One and the XPERIA X10. Now is you who have to judge about which one is better.

Kind regards and see you at the next post.

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