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We're Glassware Pioneers devising Apps for Google Glass™, the radical new wearable device that is revolutionizing the mobile market with incredible potential. We specialize in Glassware for brands, with a proven track record and skillset in streaming, medical, augmented reality, and geolocation apps.

Selected Glassware by Droiders

We've developed assorted Glassware for blue chips such as Banco Sabadell and the newspaper El Mundo. Thanks to our streaming expertise for Google Glass, doctors and surgeons worldwide have broadcast operations and Master Classes through Google Glass.

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Mobile Apps

Looking for a team of mobile app developers for iOS and Android?

We can help. Our skilled developers bring your ideas to life creating intuitive and easy to use apps that appeal to your target audience.

App Consultancy

Transforming ideas

At Droiders we strive to convert ambitious ideas into deliverables by balancing groundbreaking technology with viable implementations.

Cross platform

Need a cross-platform app, that serves smartphone, tablet, web, and even Google Glass users? We develop across the board and advise optimum solutions for each project.

Account Management

From the briefing stage until the app is delivered and marketed, we guide you throughout with devoted knowlegeable account managers who bridge the gap between tech and business needs.

Best in class

Our teams excel in mobile development. From a solid brief, we produce outstanding apps that ignite interest from the outset - performing apps for demanding users.

Usability & design focus

We craft apps for intuitive, attractive and efficient experiences. We design to your business needs and serve your user aiming for mutual delight.

Inbound success

We build appealing apps with Inbound marketing in mind including ratings and social integrations for popular apps to stoke your marketing success.

The coronation of Felipe VI with Glass for RTVE

Droiders launches a world first with the application to view Television on Google Glass developed for the RTVE group. (Radio Televisión Española)

As from now you can view television on this new device and everyone who is fortunate enough to have the smartglasses from Google can be witness to the coronation of Felipe VI with TVE and the application rtve for Glass.

The application offers four channels belonging to the group: La 1, La 2, TDP (sports) and the Canal 24 horas and all channels will live broadcast this historic event of such importance for our country.

This pioneering initiative with RTVE hails the start of a new way of communicating and consuming media. Wearable technology is the next wave in the adoption of everyday technology that surrounds us and thanks to that we can now enjoy the classic medium through the most innovative device.

RTVE has become the first multi device media broadcaster. Now it’s a reality to be able to view television through any device and reach any audience in any place.

Google Glass App Keeps Pilots Focused On The Sky

Pilots from a Spanish pilot school used the device with a training app in the cockpit to demonstrate the benefits of the device.

Wearables and the implications for brand marketing

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Max Minzer, a digital marketing and local search consultant and guests; Tim Moore, a Wearable Technologist at VentureGlass, and John Nosta, a Forbes contributor and leading digital health writer on a Hangout.

The topic was wearbles and brand marketing as you can atest below and certainly Google Glass featured most prominently.

Before the video however, allow me to highlight a few charts that serve as food for thought for marketers.

The following chart from Forrester Research (reproduced with permission from Ben Grossman) shows what consumers are expecting from a device like Glass  - which pretty much matches the off the shelf functionality it currently offers.

This chart using data from Google Trends for USA (blue), Spain (red) and UK (yellow), displays how in the last week alone, search query volumes for Google Glass in Spain, for the first time since last year when Glass was released, eclipsed even that of USA.

Crown prince Philip of Spain wore Glass last week opening Fitur as did other high profile ministers at the tourist trade fair and each time Google Glass makes an event or brand appearance, it is clear the device has immense pulling power.

There is an undeniable interest for Google Glass.

What will that mean for marketers and brand marketing?

Will Glassware (that is apps made for Google Glass) become part of the marketers branding arsenal?

Will consumers expect certain brands to offer Glassware as par for the course, just like today they expect Apps for mobiles?

Will utility and context rule the day and foster brand loyalty if brands oblige without resorting to an interruptive promotional mentality?

MedicAR – Surgical Glassware with Augmented Reality at Stanford University Medical Center

Droiders, an official Google Glass applications development start-up, today launched MedicAR, a new application which combines augmented reality and Google Glass™ to improve the simulation and teaching of certain procedures in surgery and patient care.

The MedicAR application also represents a potential new aid to improve safety issues in surgical interventions, especially for common procedures among junior surgeons and even for uncommon ones among experts.

During a recent demonstration, Dr. Homero Rivas, assistant professor of surgery (digestive surgery) and director of innovative surgery at Stanford University, connected the wearable device from Google to Droiders’ MedicAR application, and using an anatomical human model, performed an open reduction and internal fixation of a left complex clavicular fracture.

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