The world first implantology through Google Glass: Avinent for Glass




Avinent for Glass is the latest application that we have developed in the Glass device for the leader in the field of dentistry, AVINENT.

With Avinent Glass app, the implantology dentist will receive precise instructions to perform the surgical protocol for dental implant placement through Glass.

This new tool is very useful to help the dental professional in their daily work. It improves their workflow as well as ensuring greater efficiency with the patient.

The Glassware consists of a preoperative checklist, which provides the clinical assistant checklist with everything you need and should take into account prior to the intervention. For example, surgical cassette, radiographic patient sample, implant, etc.

The next phase is the identification of the implant labeled with a QR code. Before a surgery, the doctor identifies the implant through the Glass device. It automatically recognize the label and show the characteristics of the implant diameter, reference, batch, etc.

Next, it’s time to start the surgery. At this point, the dentist can follow the protocol of surgery, which the Glass will inform the necessary actions and instrumentation for the operation.

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