Streye Live – Broadcast from Glass to YouTube




streye_live_broadcast_from_glassStorytelling is never more compelling than when it’s retold in film.

Going LIVE with a developing story or being in the now, can add extra excitement.

With Streye Live, broadcasting to YouTube Live Events from Google Glass is now possible.

We’re thrilled to announce the publication of Streye Live to MyGlass directory so Explorers can continue to document, report, tell their stories and more on the world’s largest video platform: YouTube.

ok glass, start broadcasting

If you have a YouTube account and Google Glass, get Streye Live and tell your story LIVE.

getitonglass_172x60_action_buttonStreye Live is the first in the family of streaming products to be announced.

Streye Live is free* (*as in gratis) to use for all Explorers and we’re committed to developing it for future editions of Glass.

Reasons to believe

If you’ve been following the build up to Streye Live, you may have noticed that we, like many in the Google Glass community, believe there are many reasons to loveglass.

There’s amazing stories that people using Glass are producing. Long may that continue!

So to celebrate we’ve made a 50 shades of #loveglass quiz. If you know your music and you can score tops there’s a discount reward on offer for Pro versions of Streye Live.

Wherefore art thou #loveglass?

Here’s a selection of previews cards to the multiple choice quiz. You can see the whole lot at

Take the pop quiz

It’s for anyone, Glass Explorer or not.

What’s your reason to #loveglass?

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