Glassware – Apps for Google Glass

We develop Glassware – that’s Apps made explicitly for Google Glass.

We’re experienced with Google’s Developer APIs, Glass design guidelines, XE software updates, developer and community innovations and the Android ecosystem, to devise and deliver Performing Apps on Glass for the next wave of wearable tech.

Banc Sabadell

In October 2013, we built the world’s first retail banking app for Banco Sabadell.


El Mundo

We made the first newspaper Glassware in Europe for a highly respected title in August 2013.

ReadAloud OCR

In June 2013, we unveiled ReadAloud OCR, on the Spanish TV program El Hormiguero for the visually impaired.

Streaming Through Glass

Google Glass offers unprecedented Point Of View photography and filming experience for an unrivalled intimate view.

Combined with custom Glassware features, the use case options are extensive.

Droiders technology offers streaming through Glass and has conducted several high profile streaming projects with mhealth professionals, politicians, presenters and other hosts worldwide.

Pedro Guillen

Dr. Guillén

Dr. Pedro Guillén became the first surgeon in the world to webcast an operation through Google Glass with Droiders in June 2013.

Prime Minister Rajoy

Prime Minister Rajoy

The Spanish Prime Minister wore Glass at the Partido Popular’s conference in spring 2014 which included streaming from the conference floor.

Hospital CUF Infante Santo

Hospital CUF Infante Santo

Doctors from Portugal conducted multi camera operations through Glass, of 3 hours duration, including POV through Google Glass, streamed by Droiders.

Events with Google Glass

We can elevate your event to the next level with exclusive Glassware to transform the experience of guests and presenters alike.

Google Glass attracts huge traditional and social media interest to any premier professional organised event.

Droiders has a track record of devising and pairing event Glassware for prestigious occasions in Spain and Europe.

Madrid Fashion Week

Google Glass has made appearances during Madrid Fashion Week in 2014 and on Cibeles on several occasions thanks to Droiders. During the Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week in 2014, Google Glass was worn during the show with live streaming by catwalk models to showcase the 2014-2015 autumn/winter Kapok collection. In the photo,  L’Oréal Paris official blogger and model, Mayte de la Iglesia reports from L’Oréal fashion week with Google Glass.

Renault Techno Experience

Renault Techno Experience

In march 2014, Renault held roadshows in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, showcasing a new range of vehicles bristling with cutting edge technology. Test drive guests enjoyed the exclusive opportunity to view augmented reality playback of Renault Techno Experience videos through Google Glass, when sat behind the wheel. The specially made Glassware invoked video playback by viewing physical targets affixed to the vehicles dashboard.

Starlite Gala Marbella

The annual Starlite Gala, attracts a host of high profile public figures from film, fashion, TV to raise funds for charitable causes. At the head of proceedings Antonio Banderas, wore Google Glass to stream the charity auction from the podium. The inclusion of Google Glass in the summer of 2013 for Starlite Gala secured significant added media attention for the event and was a contributing factor to raising funds totalling €267,860 for causes such as Lagrimas y Favores.

Android and iOS Development

Need Android and iOS mobile app development? – We’ve been building apps for years on both platforms.

We’re delivered dozens of successful mobile Apps on Android and iOS for clients and agencies since 2008 and continue to do so.