Dare to miss to the Renault Techno Experience in March?




Google Glass Renault During the month of march, Renault, together with their official dealership network, and the agency BSB Comunicación and Droiders, official developers of Glassware for Google Glass™, are launching a tour to reveal the latest innovations from the marque for the current range of vehicles.

The Renault Techno Experience

Under the banner of Renault Techno Experience, this tour aims to underline the leading edge innovative technology specifications such as the EDC gearbox (Efficient Dual Clutch), the Visio System, Stop & Start engine technology and R-Link, a complete navigation touch screen system with internet connectivity.
Drive the Change

For this special event, Renault has is offering the public an original way to try their new range in a leisurely environment.

Renault Technology APP

Droiders have developed an exclusive app based on their technology,  the Renault Technology APP, that can be visualised through the innovative Google Glass™ device.

Hazte ProbadorThis is a true first for Spain, as it will be the first time that a brand offers to the general public the opportunity to experience this technology and app for this revolutionary device.

Moreover, if you consider that this long awaited gadget, still does not have an on sale date for general sale, and precious few units exist in Spain at the moment.

Furthermore on this tour, the public can enjoy exclusive video delivered through video mapping, an audio visual technology that combines projected light allowing video surface textures to be applied over 3d objects.

An audiovisual sound and vision spectacle.

The cities on the tour are;

Renault fechas
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