Glassware – Google Glass Apps

Droiders has been selected by Google to be Pioneers in Europe as official developers of apps and services for their new device, Google Glass.

Since 2013 we have been working with major brands developing on this device. We create Glassware – that is Google Glass apps – which exploit the full potential of Glass equipped with a camera, GPS, bluetooth, microphone, headphones and the prism display.

Droiders Streamer

Droiders steamed the first surgical operation with Google Glass in the world. To date, seven operations have been streamed through Glass with Droiders.


Health Streamer


Help Streamer


TV Streamer

In addition to live streaming operations the app allows the possibility of hosting a Master Class for professionals to participate from any part of the globe. The doctor can check the clinical patient records and answer queries from other professionals. TV Streamer is the app which we can offer TV streams through Google Glass, be it live or a la carte. In effect this means any commercial TV station could benefit from their very own app for Google Glass.

Checklist for Glass

Checklist for Glass is an app produced for a range of verticals that comprises of verification checklist consisting of multiple steps that need to be fulfiled to complete a given process.
Using this app, professionals can tick off the steps that correspond to each phase as they perform them. As this glassware was created for precisely for Google Glass, the steps can be checked off with voice commands, leaving both hands free to do other tasks.

BancSabadell for Glass

Droiders has developed with Banco Sabadell the first banking app in the world for Google Glass.

This application will allow users to connect with voice commands to their account and conduct all the operations without having to attend their branch in person. For the time being, the app allows the user to check their account balance, view the ATM locations, and be guided via the built in Glass GPS to the nearest ATM.

Furthermore the option exists to hold a video conference 24/7 with the bank’s contact centre.

With this application the user does not need visit their bank branch to talk with their manager. With a single voice command they can connect direct and view them through Glass while their account is checked in real time by their manager. But that’s only the beginning. At the moment, other features are in the pipeline such as Instant Check that will allow users to deposit a cheque by merely taking a picture of it through Glass.

ReadAloud OCR

One of the most significant applications from Droiders is ReadAloud OCR produced especially for the visually impaired. With this app, any visually impaired individual can read text by merely wearing Google Glass and viewing text.

Our advanced OCR system enables the app to recognise written text, be it handwritten or typed, and read it back to the user through the bone hearing conduction mechanism on Glass, allowing the user to hear what’s written despite being unable to see it.


In the summer of 2013, Droiders officially showcased the ReadAloud OCR app on Antena3’s “El Hormiguero” show with ratings of more than 2.5 million.

Mobile Apps

We are specialists at Droiders developing native apps for iOS y Android.

We adhere 100% to official style and design guidelines and impeccably craft our apps with appealing and attractive interfaces.



Belebrities is a platform designed to raise the profile of celebrities. It contains various options to suit different artists, with excellent options to target their fans. Belebrities allows the creation of novel apps, packed with information especially designed for singers, actors and models.

Author sections for celebrity biographies,  exclusive content (photos and wallpaper, videoblogs, podcasts, direct contact with the celebrity and their fans …), event calendar (and ticket sales), contest, prize draws, sale of merchandise and assorted games or interactive content (such as birthday wishes or Christmas greetings from their favourite artist).

Belebrities brings together the fans and artists and their latest activity, in an interactive, simple and innovative way.




Concierge is designed for hospitality organisations to specify hotel app that enables guests to request services from their mobiles, tablets o from Google Glass. In a few steps, clients can contact room service, reserve a table in the restaurant or even check out of the hotel.

Concierge for Glass

Concierge can be used through Google Glass similar to the mobile version of the app, but with features particular to Glass.

When the home screen is accessed the user must login in with their credentials. In the case of Glass, instead of introducing login details as typically done on mobiles and tablets, a scan with the built in camera is made of a QR code of a client reference number that the hotel front desk has previously supplied the user.

After this screen, the language selection options are presented and after voice selection, the user then sees basic hotel info and ambient temperature.

Swiping the Glass touchpad, the user can then access the Glassware with an image ofall the available services. As per the mobile app,  the user also has the option to make a phone call through Google Glass.