Multi Google Glass Interview with Juanma Castaño #LetsGoFootball




Last monday on the official flight with the Spanish National Football Team from Spain to Baltimore, USA, we held a friendly interview with the journalist Juanma Castaño weighing up the chances of la Roja for the World Cup.

And why not, we both conducted the interview #throughglass.

Of course, it will not be the first time we talk pure football over the next few weeks.

If you want to get on aboard with us, stay tuned to the hashtag #LetsGoFootball y #LaSeleccionPorDentro both on Google+ as in Twitter and via the Twitter account of our Droiders embedded Glass Explorer Reporter, Alejandro Loza @alesonline.

Transcription multi Glass de #letsgofootball nº1

Due to the noise levels on the plane, we will leave you with a transcription of the conversation.

AL – ¿Do you feel the players are tensed up, that they are stiff, which is what you just said, that all that pressure is on their shoulders and it seems you meant to say that it wouldn’t be a failure to not win this World Cup, do you sense that?

JC – No, I think they are still in the mode of how their team season has been, it’s been really tough for all involved, and I suppose that from now they will get in the World Cup groove, but I don’t think the pressure affects them that much as they come from big clubs, they are very used to that, I think in that respect they are well rehearsed to it.

AL – Alright, and the last one, what is your precidction for the group stage, as we’ve got the group of death?

JC – Well, everyone says that the danger is Chile, so I’ll go along, that the danger is Chile, I don’t know, in my mind we are better than Holland that’s for sure…

AL – Have you thought anything of Van Gaal, some tactic, something that they’ll do just against us?

JC – Holland is, based on what we’ve seen, far worse than the Holland of the last World Cup final, and Spain isn’t not much worse than that World Cup Final. Chile is an unknown, and Australia is well inferior, I think that in the group stages, we shouldn’t have any problems, in theory, but it’s very importatnt to start off well, eh.

AL – Do you think the team that yields a point to Australia will be the one of three that get’s left behind?

JC – That’s a possiblity, but I trust that we win the first game against Holland because that will inevitably give you…

AL – Will set the cast…

JC – Yeah, to win the first game gives you…a real boost

AL – OK, then top of the group..

JC – For sure, if only..

AL – Alright then

JC – Cheers.


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