Google Glass travels to Starlite Gala in Marbella




As some of you know this saturday the 10th, will be celebrate the IV edition of Starlite Gala organized by Antonio Banderas, one of the most importants benefit event in Spain, wich this year brings new faces. Juan Manuel Sanchez, the winner of the hit Tv show MasterChef, will be responsible for preparing the menu for the night, work on which will be helped by the three members of the jury of the program, Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodriguez and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera.
Between some of the surprises most expected is the attendance Alejandro Sanz, which, in addition to brighten the night with a small concert, he receive the Starlite Gala 2013 Humanitarian Award for his work in solidarity. In addition, given the Starlite Gala 2013 Philanthropy Award at the argentina model Valeria Mazza, UNICEF ambassador for the program ‘Together Against Neonatal Tetanus’. The gala, which will be presented by Anne Igartiburu and Imanol Arias, also will feature performances by Marta Sánchez, Sara Baras, Juan Peña and Roko, from the program ‘Tu cara me suena’.

This year, the Starlite Gala will exclusively be the world’s first benefic event recorded by our Google Glass. Antonio Banderas, who will carry the Glass during the evening, will record everything that happens, so that the event can be seen from the point of view of the spanish actor, being this a novelty at the time of seeing an event.

Furthermore, we will try to make a small gala streaming through a web page, so that the public can see a part of the night in direct, as we are watching Antonio Banderas.

Should be noted that all proceeds throughout the night will go to the foundation ‘Children in joy’ and the Foundation chaired by Antonio Banderas ‘Tears and Favors’, which distributes the funds among Cudeca, Caritas, University of Malaga and Corinth.

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