Pilot School Adventia, first in the world to fly with Google Glass




Adventia, European Collage of Aeronautics this morning has become the first airline company to carry out a flight with Google Glass, and also the first school in the world to use this type of device in pilot training.

This demonstration has taken place as part of the Pilot Innovation Day and the first conference on “Innovation in the Cockpit”, organized by Adventia, Participating Centre of the University of Salamanca at the Aeronautical Campus at Matacán, Salamanca, Spain.

With the aim of improving flight instruction and training the best pilots, Adventia, along with Droiders, official Google developer, have created a Checklist Glassware (an application for Google Glass) for pilot use.

Viewing on a mobile device, cannot see it? Try this photogallery version.
For more information, please visit www.firstgoogleglassflight.com

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