First Augmented Reality Google Glass App, by Droiders




Droiders, start up specialized in mobile app development, brings us the first Augmented Reality App for Google Glass, introduced worldwide today. Its name is EMPOWAR, developed by our Google Glass department: Glassters. We are proud of being pioneers in making this match of device and technology, that will change forever the way we interact with the world around us.

Droiders is releasing a video to present EMPOWAR, the first augmented reality app for Glass. In the video, Julián Beltrán, CEO of Droiders, introduces the application and its possible uses for a wide range of sectors, thanks to the support that Google Glass offers as a device.

Julián Beltran was chosen by Google to be one of the first individuals in the world to own a Google Glass, and that started Droiders intensive Google Glass app development phase, which so far has provided outstanding results.

Droiders was making the news also recently because its technology made possible the first surgery ever broadcast by Google Glass, performed by Dr. Pedro Guillén at Madrid´s Clinica Centro and broadcast with the help of Droiders’ technology, Glass Streamer.

Before Google Glass, users had to point their smartphones’ cameras to view the information that Augmented Reality provided, placing computer-generated elements in the camera´s field of vision.

With Google Glass, users benefit from a much more natural, intuitive interaction with all that augmented reality can offer them.

Google Glass follows exactly what you see in your field of vision. It registers your movements, what you focus on. EMPOWAR makes full use of all these features to create the ultimate Augmented Reality experience, adding to the real world targets that you are seeing extra layers of digital content : graphics, video, music, 3D objects, games… It allows augmented reality elements to have movements, sound, resizing, reshaping, color changing and more.

At Droiders, we think Google Glass plus Augmented Reality is a match made in heaven, that will bring big enhancements to many areas: . Interior design, Architecture, Medicine, Social Networks, Education, Science, Games, Television, PR & Marketing, Tourism, just to name a few.

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