Droiders becomes a META Pioneer in Europe




Meta 1Droiders contiune to develop on innovative technological platforms has recently joined an elite group of global Pioneers in augmented reality, having become the first spanish company to develop applications for Meta Glasses, for various industrial sectos such as manufacturing and assembly and in the mhealth area with augmented reality.

  • The Meta 1 glasses are unavailable until the end of 2015.
  • Droiders pioneering streak in the burgeoning augmentead reality market continues.

The glasses, that are not publically available until the end of 2015, offer everything that virtual reality promises.

In terms of their technical features, they boast a couple of mounted cameras that act as 3D sensors to recognise body movement, which allows real time interaction with holographic objects displayed in the user’s field of the view.



3D See Through Display

Resolution: 960 x 540 pixels (qHD), Aspect Ratio: 16:9, FOV Expander Lens: 35 degree field of view, Shade Lens: 23 degree field of view


Depth Camera: Resolution: 320×240 (QVGA) pixels 3D time-of-flight depth camera with Field of View (H x V x D): 74 x 58 x 87 degrees. Frame Rate: 30fps
Colour Camera: Resolution: 1280×720 (MJPEG), Field of View (H x V x D): 63.2 x 49.3 x 75.2, Frame Rate: 30fps

Head tracking

360 degree tracking, 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit, Accelerometer: ±16g, Gyroscope: ±2000 degrees / sec, Compass: ±1200 microTesla


Dolby 3D audio, Two built-in electret microphones

On the Meta Glasses website you can lookup detailed specifications and even place a pre-order for the unit that will be consumer available from August 2015.

Meta offers a whole world of possibilities


Light saber demo with meta #spaceglasses. #augmented reality #starwars #lightsaber #drones #jedi #killerapp

Un vídeo publicado por Meta (@metaglasses) el


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