Digital Trends and wearables – the 2014 view from SAScon




SAScon is an online marketing conference held in Manchester, UK, that unites the agency marketing community to chew the digital fat, debate online modern marketing issues and latest trends.

Given the marmite like reaction to wearables and in particular to Google Glass, I thought it might be interesting to gather a two bit straw poll of marketing community opinion about Glass during Mini SAScon on Friday 17th January to  reflect views from leading agency marketers and online profesionals.

Take a moment and answer these two questions:




I will be taking part in a round table discussion of digital marketing trends for 2014 and look forward to meeting old friends and new faces.

And yes, I will be wearing them, so you’ll recognise me even if you have never seen me before.

A heads up….this post will be updated with video, quotes and more during and after Friday 17th.

To stay informed or be featured here  ping me on Google Plus, or leave a comment below.

Or if you are feeling really uber, answer my question on Jelly.

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