The coronation of Felipe VI with Glass for RTVE #throughglass




Droiders launches a world first with the application to view Television on Google Glass developed for the RTVE group. (Radio Televisión Española)

As from now you can view television on this new device and everyone who is fortunate enough to have the smartglasses from Google can be witness to the coronation of Felipe VI with TVE and the application rtve for Glass.

Copyright ABC

Copyright ABC

The application offers four channels belonging to the group: La 1, La 2, TDP (sports) and the Canal 24 horas and all channels will live broadcast this historic event of such importance for our country.

This pioneering initiative with RTVE hails the start of a new way of communicating and consuming media. Wearable technology is the next wave in the adoption of everyday technology that surrounds us and thanks to that we can now enjoy the classic medium through the most innovative device.

RTVE has become the first multi device media broadcaster. Now it’s a reality to be able to view television through any device and reach any audience in any place.

Do you want to load the Glassware?

If you have Google Glass, you can load up the Glassware and enjoy Spanish television on Google Glass.

rtve for Glass - Get It On GLASS

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