The Clinical Application of Google Glass in Hospital Perpetuo Socorro




Today, Droiders presented the world’s first clinical application of Google Glass to the Hospital Perpetuo Socorro in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The application is fully integrated with the management system of the hospital, and allows doctors to view his patient’s record on the device. In this way, it could improve the quality of care, faster response to the request of the patient and effectively access references.

Doctor can easily access medical information by scanning a QR code that printed on a bracelet worn by the patient. It is a very efficient way for a doctor to carry out their duties without carrying paperwork and wasting time to access a desktop computer. Use of the application allows for a direct doctor to patient interaction improving the doctor & patient relationship.

The accessible information can be divided into six tabs:

  • Risk factors: after showing the personal information (name, age, date of birth, date of admission and patient number) the doctor may consult the risk factors of the patient, for example, allergies and family history.
  • Medical history: The doctor can read which treatment has been applied to the patient and the follow up treatment.
  • The medication : they can check whether the patient has been administered and medicated as well as basic information about patient condition, such as: congestion, stress and temperature.
  • Test requests: the application can show all the records that were requested by the doctor.
  • Treatments: Indicates the patient drug prescription, their quantity and frequency.
  • Documents: The doctor can access the results of the analysis, electrocardiogram, and all the tests that the patient has had since they were admitted.

Today, this technology is implemented in the hospital environment to improve patient healthcare.

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