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Cardboard Revolution




A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating on a panel at SASCON, Manchester about Wearables with Martyn Bryant of The Next Web, and Tom Cheesewright, an Applied Futurist. Tech talking head on TV and radio.

Wearables is a broad topic of course, time was of the essence, it was late on a friday, so I decided to hone my deck and gist down to the phenomenon of Google Cardboard.

Cardboard just earnt itself one of the highest creative industry accolades in Cannes.

Google Cardboard wins Cannes  GRAND PRIX

A crucial aspect about Cardboard is you have to experience it to truly ‘get’ it. Cardboard is an inexpensive, delightfully simple optical ilusion that serves as a brilliant introduction to the world of VR.

Pop your smartphone in, hold it close to your face, open an app or view some media and woah time!

Ladle man is Cardboard

Whenever I’m asked about Cardboard and I’m not carrying one, I show them ladle man.

Ladle man

I call him Ladle Man, I’ve no idea who he is or where he came from.

Because in spirit, ladle man for me at least,  conveys the experience and fun of VR.

Here’s a more official polished video:

VR and 360º video is tipping

There’s a confluence of factors in 2015 that are poised to tip VR and immersive filming mainstream.

YouTube already offer 360º content and when viewed via mobile, a clickable cardboard icon above the playback bar will stereoscopically split the screen to allow optimum Cardboard viewing experience.

And it’s not just video, there’s a copious amount of shared panoramic photography in forums and groups from stunning locations around the world that are best enjoyed with a Cardboard like viewer.

During IO 2015, Google announced SDK iOS Cardboard availability and a v2 of the Cardboard viewer that allows iPhone compatibility with the repositioned trigger button now on the top right.

That development alone is a force multiplier for 360º content for developers and companies alike and at Droiders we’re thrilled with the prospects ahead.

Google Cardboard LabsVR is #notagame

A year ago, many derided Google’s entry to VR as little more than a light hearted side project. As a counter indicator to that thought, a few weeks ago, the chief designer of Search, Jon Wiley, became the chief designer of Google Cardboard and his task will include introducing guidance on some much needed universal UX vocabulary into the ecosystem of designing for VR.

A new UX for Virtual Reality

As Jon observes;

how do you walk around in a VR game? How do you touch a VR button? What does a menu or file system look like in an immersive, 3-D environment?

It’s a whole new exciting area of design. At Droiders we recently trialled UX inspiration from common building safety exit and motorway signage for nascent VR design cues.

The CardboardDesign Lab app from Google is a great VR design primer.

A crucial aspect of VR design is consideration of heightened use of audio.

A crucial aspect of VR design is consideration of heightened use of audio.

Facebook is soon to introduce spherical video content as the web’s video publishing explosion continues, and meanwhile 360º video production is booming at both ends of the market.

Despite high end devices like the Lady Bug or the recently unveiled impressive JUMP rig combining sixteen GoPros on a carousel rig with high powered cloud stitching, consumer grade devices and technology is breaking out of the crowd sourced niche, with products such as the Ricoh Theta and the imminent consumer available Giroptic.

At Droiders, we’ve been toying with VR in other fields for medicine and retail with Oculus and Cardboard, and continue to develop VR and 360º projects as demand increases with rising awareness of the technology.

The 360º revolution has only just started. It’s all around you.

Warning: This deck contains references to Mr McGuire, Joey “The Lips” Fagan, Ladle Man and a double rainbow front cover. Just like Cardboard, you have to be there really.

With thanks to Richard Gregory and the organisers of SASCON. Many of the presentations of the highly engaging speakers of the two day marketing event are available here and if you want another perspective of the event, this will offer you a flavour of the proceedings:

Again, marketing conferences or saroa (singular) as colloquially known in spanish, as with Cardboard, you have to be there really, to experience it.

ps. If you want to enjoy branded colour Cardboard (v2) viewers for your agency or brand campaign and need 360º or VR development, follow us for exciting news soon or get in touch, either through form or info AT

Renault VR: the new gadget designed for Renault




As of tomorrow and until Saturday, the Renault dealer showrooms of Spain will open their doors to the public to test drive two vehicles: the Renault Clio Dinamique dCi 90 CV edc, and the Renault Captur Zen dCi 90 CV edc.

Furthermore the first 100 visitors will receive a gift Renault VR virtual reality headset.

And what exactly is an Renault VR headset?

It’s a virtual reality headset, similar to a pair of glasses, suitable for smartphones between 5 and 6 inches, that completely covers your field of view, isolating the viewer from their surrounding environment.

The specially designed Renault VR app works inside the headset, duplicating the screen and creating an enlargened a 3d effect when viewed through the lens.

By utilising a smartphone and it’s giroscope to control the head movement, the viewing experience mimicks your head movement so you can see all around you.

Renault VR headset

The app contains a general navigation offering three menu options: Renault Captur 3D, Renault Technology and a Skill game.

When the app starts, the viewer is presented with the three games on a background and can make a selection by holding the gaze on the game for three seconds and exit by turning the headset 90º.

Renault VR

The first game, Renault Captur 3D displays the entire exterior of the vehicle.

In the second game, Renault Technology, the perspective is from inside the vehicle where any of the three signs selected will trigger video replays.

Lastly, in the third Skills game, the viewer is prompted to play an avoid the obstacle game with subtle head tilt movements.

Download the Renault VR app today from

Renault VR

During this technological national event, in addition to offering Renault VR headset and vehicle test drives, Renault is allowing the public to try the Parrot Drone Mini Jumping Sumo at it’s dealerships.

Can you really afford to miss out?

Visit us at Mobile World Congress, CS121 Congress Hall Main Square, MWC15




We’re exhibiting at Mobile World Congress, March 2-5th. The premier event held in Barcelona brings together the world’s mobile industry with the unveiling of new technology and product launches.

Our stand is between Halls 7 and 8 in the wearable corridor, where we will be unveiling more new Glassware for the enterprise and the team will be on hand to greet you in Spanish, English, and Chinese, demo software and hardware from the Droiders team.

Glasselona – the wearable party

We’re also holding an after party in downtown Barcelona on Wednesday from 22.00 till late. Glasselona returns for another year, no half measures. You don’t need to wear Glass to get in (although if you do, we will waive entrance fee!) and the event is open to all.

If you attended last year, check your inbox for a special invite code and if not grab your ticket early to guarantee entrance.

Win a ticket for #MWC15 and Glasselona with Droiders

Want to attend Mobile World Congress and WIN a ticket? We’re giving away a ticket to Mobile World Congress worth €750! To win, first of all you’ve got to be quick of the mark, as the event is held this very week in Barcelona, March 2-5th so the contest will be a rapid affair! Second, you’ll need to exercise some thought and creativity, this isn’t any old lucky dip!

What Glassware can you imagine in less than 3 tweets?

Tell us the Glassware that is missing! What would your Glassware do? Glassware is apps made especially for Google Glass. That’s a software service that Droiders specialise in. We design and develop Glassware for consumer and enterprise apps for global brands and innovative organisations. There’s over a hundred official Glassware in MyGlass and hundreds of unofficial Glassware made by developers not hosted on the official Google directory. Glassware development continues by developers worldwide in advance of the next version of Google Glass which has moved to a new division under Tony Fadell, he of the iPod fame.

Tweet what’s your prize perfect Glassware

Brilliant apps on Glass exist for world class surgeons as they do for local karaoke fans. Not all Glass ideas can be realistically deployed, though that hasn’t stopped excellent public creative thoughts in the past when Google first launched Glass. Glass is a highly personal device and some of the even more mundane everyday tasks can be fantastically convenient with Glass. We think Glassware is still really in it’s infancy. There are huge possibilities with ever more API’s and interconnected wearable devices available. Think up an original idea of what your Glassware would do, tweet it in 3 tweets. tag it #glasselona, and the team from Droiders will pick a winner. Be it a consumer or a for work focused Glassware, we’d love to hear what your perfect Glassware is. Be quick, be creative, have fun.

Describe your glassware in three tweets, append the hashtag #glasselona, and also tweet us @Droiders or tell us via our web contact form.

Prize is for Exhibition visitor pass. View more information on: Contest rules apply.

We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday 3rd Match, midnight. Good luck!

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Streye Live – Broadcast from Glass to YouTube




streye_live_broadcast_from_glassStorytelling is never more compelling than when it’s retold in film.

Going LIVE with a developing story or being in the now, can add extra excitement.

With Streye Live, broadcasting to YouTube Live Events from Google Glass is now possible.

We’re thrilled to announce the publication of Streye Live to MyGlass directory so Explorers can continue to document, report, tell their stories and more on the world’s largest video platform: YouTube.

ok glass, start broadcasting

If you have a YouTube account and Google Glass, get Streye Live and tell your story LIVE.

getitonglass_172x60_action_buttonStreye Live is the first in the family of streaming products to be announced.

Streye Live is free* (*as in gratis) to use for all Explorers and we’re committed to developing it for future editions of Glass.

Reasons to believe

If you’ve been following the build up to Streye Live, you may have noticed that we, like many in the Google Glass community, believe there are many reasons to loveglass.

There’s amazing stories that people using Glass are producing. Long may that continue!

So to celebrate we’ve made a 50 shades of #loveglass quiz. If you know your music and you can score tops there’s a discount reward on offer for Pro versions of Streye Live.

Wherefore art thou #loveglass?

Here’s a selection of previews cards to the multiple choice quiz. You can see the whole lot at

Take the pop quiz

It’s for anyone, Glass Explorer or not.

What’s your reason to #loveglass?

Nativo: Augmented Reality Combining Local Google Business Through Google Glass




You can now download from the official MyGlass, Glassware directory, our new Glassware for Google Glass we have developed: Nativo. This Glassware allows the wearer to explore nearby the immediate vicinity through Glass with a directionally sensitive display of all immediate points of interest and Local business information from Google Places.

Nativo JC1Nativo Hotel JC1

Nativo is a low intrusion layer of information for the wearer of Glass, that positions icons, place names, user ratings and the distance to the wearer, of business outlets in their immediate vicinity.

Using the Google Places API and utilising the built-in GPS, Nativo takes advantage of the infamous directional sensitivity of Glass to display accompanying useful information to the user and is especially suitable for pedestrian use in unfamiliar urban areas.

Nativo, which is voice activated from Glass with the command – Explore nearby – is another example of the immense potential of Glass especially when combined with the vast number of available API services that blend local and mobile.

Got Glass, want to get Nativo?

If you have Google Glass, Nativo is now available on the official Glassware directory

Nativo - Get It On GLASS