Nativo: Augmented Reality Combining Local Google Business Through Google Glass




You can now download from the official MyGlass, Glassware directory, our new Glassware for Google Glass we have developed: Nativo. This Glassware allows the wearer to explore nearby the immediate vicinity through Glass with a directionally sensitive display of all immediate points of interest and Local business information from Google Places.

Nativo JC1Nativo Hotel JC1

Nativo is a low intrusion layer of information for the wearer of Glass, that positions icons, place names, user ratings and the distance to the wearer, of business outlets in their immediate vicinity.

Using the Google Places API and utilising the built-in GPS, Nativo takes advantage of the infamous directional sensitivity of Glass to display accompanying useful information to the user and is especially suitable for pedestrian use in unfamiliar urban areas.

Nativo, which is voice activated from Glass with the command – Explore nearby – is another example of the immense potential of Glass especially when combined with the vast number of available API services that blend local and mobile.

Got Glass, want to get Nativo?

If you have Google Glass, Nativo is now available on the official Glassware directory

Nativo - Get It On GLASS

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