Portfolio - Concierge

What is Concierge?

Concierge is a suite of apps designed for hotels whereby guests can request services from their mobile, tablets or from the new device that is Google Glass. In a few simple steps and moments, guests can get in touch with room service, reserve a table at the restaurant, call reception, request info or even complete hotel checkout without regardless where they are.

To run the application, the guest introduces their password and room number, proceeds to select language they wish to be greeted in. In a few simple steps they can use the app which is available for guests and also for employees who can easily manage guest request, by introducing their employee code previously, via a tablet..

The guest’s mobile experience

After registering and choosing the language, a series of hotel images and videos greets the user, the ambient temperature is displayed and a list of five possible options is offered: make a call, hires and purchases, hotel map, información and checkout. If we choose, for example, make a call, a screen appears with all the sections we can make a VoIP call to: reception, room service, restaurant, cafetería, childcare…It’s never been so east to user all the services of your favourite hotel!

Through Google Glass

Concierge through Google Glass could be the same as on mobile, save for the particular characteristics that this new devices allows. When reaching the start screen, the guest scans with the built in camera the QR code of their guest reference number that the reception desk has previously supplied. With a swipe of the touchpad the guest accesses the services of the app, where a series images shows the available services and the option to place a call through Google Glass.

On the hotel tablet

The employees can also use this application via a tablet with their employee code. After the startup, a screen displays all the hotel rooms and the name of residing guests. Choosing a room for example, the employee can check out the guest in the event they had not done so before departing. This way, the room remains free for another checkin. This app also allows the employee to attend calls from guests and offer personalised attention.