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Vaso – for optimists/pessimists everywhere




Life is full of uncertainties.

The ever debated question of which came first: the chicken or the egg, proof of primordial gravitational waves, 42, and other cosmogenic theories.

Then there’s the glass of water, filled halfway: Is it half empty or half full?

Developing Performing Apps at Droiders is more than a daily exercise of contemplating such profound philosophical matters.

Vaso – more than code

That’s why we’re proud to announce our latest app, Vaso, a practical solution for Voyagers – as Vaso users are known – in need of defining the status quo.

Vaso accurately measures the volume of liquid contained in a glass and returns a percentage fill readout in a gauge display #throughglass.

Vaso unequivocally answers one of life’s most frequently asked questions that has long since puzzled mankind.

Vaso – serving dual audiences

Feedback from Vaso beta testing sessions has proved crucial for iteration of the app.

The production release of Vaso incorporates that feedback and therefore caters for two distinct audiences.

A Droiders spokesman explains:

Vaso version 0.5 – at the time it was codenamed ‘half’ – proved to be divisive in testing, as about 50 per cent of our control group commented that the gauge label readings were consistently inaccurate.

.. it wasn’t so much the calibrated unit centilitres measurement – which was exhaustively verified – but the terminology of the label that the vasoware displayed of ‘full’ which produced all sorts of disputes among the group of early Voyagers.

Solving the outlook for Vaso

Designers from Droiders adroitly addressed the issue by introducing a ‘settings’ menu allowing the Voyager to configure either pessimist or optimist mode.

This switch ingeniously inverted the scale of the gauge and simultaneously swapped the text labels of ’empty’ and ‘full’.

This satisfied both sets of Voyagers whilst maintaining the overall accuracy and integrity of Vaso.

Vaso philosophy

Therein lies the beauty of this vasoware because Vaso is much more than just an innovative way of understanding the fill level of a glass of liquid.

How you set up Vaso is a statement of your outlook on life.


This is vasoware. And for pessimist and optimist Voyagers everywhere, it’s a symbol of individuality and a belief in personal freedom.

Vaso logic

Vaso is another world first for the team at Droiders based in Europe.

Vaso achieves a high degree of accuracy due to Advanced Processing Realtime Infrared Logic, as devised by Droiders Labs.

The Vaso 50% challenge

So how does Vaso function when faced with a glass with a 50% fill level?

To satisfy both pessimists and optimists, Vaso currently returns a ‘half’ reading, irrespective of the user’s setting.

Crowdsourcing the conundrum

Developers at Droiders remain keen however to tap the wisdom of the crowds to answer the universal conundrum:

Vaso – a clear future ahead

There are compelling opportunities for vasoware deployed in the industrial sector, with the prospect of large scale, hands free, liquid volume inspections.

A retailer version for hospitality business owners to calculate serving yields of alcoholic stock is also being evaluated for commercial demand.

Market research however is strongly suggesting that a consumer vasoware may prove most popular among value for money minded patrons verifying levels of their tantalisingly served beverages.

Mark Anderson of the Windmill Pub

Can I have a top up? – © Mirror

Indeed advanced vasoware could hail the end of disagreements between bar staff and patrons regarding filled levels of served drinks or satisfy trading standards officers who currently can only act at thresholds south of 95%.

Wine glass fills and beer foam complexity

The performance of Vaso with a glass of water is relatively straight forward compared to the challenges of wine, which is typically not served to the brim.

This poses a problem for Vaso interpretating wine fill level deficiencies outside of the lab where beverage conditions are highly varied.

The Piaget Beer Gauge

Piaget Beer Gauge – analogue predecessor to Vaso © Chris Holloway

Beer also has a fiendish trait, frequently presenting foam ratio detection issues, renowned for disrupting the “empty” and “full” scores which can lead to volatile readouts.

“Beer is notoriously tricky… “, states a Droiders spokesperson, and the phenomenon of under serving is indeed a serious matter.

Past efforts to combat tavern injustice include the Piaget Beer Gauge, from the federal research physicist Chris Holloway, whose analgoue invention deploys a mathematical formula in the form of a card to save punters thousands of otherwise lost sips every year. formula - the analogue predecessor of Vaso

For the new era of wearable tech however, Droiders trust that with the release of Vaso today, Voyagers everywhere, pessimists and optimists, will be willing to reach out to us to gather big liquid data, and solve these matters by field testing Vaso in bars everywhere.


Is Vaso waterproof?


Who is Piaget?

Originally a malacologist, Jean Piaget was a Swiss development psychologist and philosopher who studied humans’ inability to distinguish identical volumes in different sized containers.

When will Vaso being available in Spain?

We expect Vaso to be released in Spain just before the end of the year.

What does Vaso really mean?

Why not search for Vaso, or allow us to look it up for you?

Can I ask you a technical question about Vaso?

No, that’s enough questions. Move along now.