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Exclusive: Apple Glass




Droiders got a big surprise in the mail today! Apple sent us in exclusivity a prototype of their upcoming Apple Glass. The whole team fell for their sleek and edgy design, not mentionning the state of the art technology beyond the device. Even though it’s only a prototype, it already features a bunch of brilliant caracteristics such as:

  • Permanent green photo filter
  • Integrated flashing lights
  • Several-days battery life
  • Extremely light
  • Suggested retail price of 69$
  • Also available in red and purple

We only had it in our hands a few hours, but we’re already working on developping some innovative applications. We’ll make sure to keep you posted with the results.

Hangman: Winning Project Of The First Google Glass Hackathon In Spain




Last weekend in Murcia the first Google Glass hackathon took place in Spain. The event was held by Droiders, an official Google Glass developer and one of the first companies to work with the Glass technology in the world, and hosted in collaboration with GDG Murcia and YouandCo.

The event gathered around twenty developers, all working for the first time with the Google Glass. In the end, José Banet Vincente, Daniel Marin Sánchez y Adrián Javaloy Bornás won the contest with their project called Hangman, a Glass adaptation of the famous game of the same name.


Through the entire event, the participants worked doggedly to find the most creative application for Google Glass. In the end, all applications were submitted and judged by a jury formed by Droiders’ Glass developing team. “All of the projects were really interesting and very well done, especially considering it was the participants’ first time working with Glass” comments Julián Beltrán, CEO of Droiders.

The winning team developed the game Hangman on Google Glass which comprises guessing the letters of a word before the hangman is fully drawn. The three winners were all from the region of Murcia. Each one received a seven inch tablet for winning the first prize.